Vacation Destination: San Diego

San Diego is a premier destination for vacations, weddings and overall every day appreciation of the sun. Let’s face it, while the rest of the country experiences the Polar Vortex, San Diegans were enjoying the beach and a round of golf during the winter months. Beyond coming to San Diego for the beautiful weather and the ability to hit a hole-in-one on a December morning, you’ll find many coming to our beautiful city for the major attractions.

Relax with a Day on the Green

For moms and dads coming into the area for some family fun and relaxation, it’s important to make sure you are doing just that. Planning your trip to San Diego? Does it include the “mandatory” trips to Sea World and the Zoo? Does the itinerary include the grilled cheese pit stop for the kids and more kid friendly options that involve other forms of carb and cheese? A family vacation should include the entire family and that includes mom and dad. The best golfing destinations are the ones you can visit whenever a vacation is convenient for you, not the season. Regardless of whether you plan ahead or you decide to go golfing at the last minute, you can always secure last minute tee times without a problem. Many locations allow for booking tee times straight from their websites.

Come When it Fits into Your Schedule

Every person is unique and so is their work schedule. For some, they simply don’t have the time to go on vacation during the warm, summer months. Finally accumulated enough vacation days, but it’s January? Travelling in the winter will save money on your vacation, but there isn’t always a lot to do. San Diego allows for year round outdoor activities, enjoy happy hour and watch the sunset from the clubhouse, play a round of golf, or catch the trolley downtown or to many of San Diego’s attractions.

From the pristine beaches to Sea World, Legoland and more, there is something for everyone. Trying to figure out the best spots but want to know what the locals think? Currently the U-T San Diego’s polls rank Riverwalk one of the top 10 golf courses, golf shops, and places to get married. Check out their other lists to find where San Diegans like to spend their time in the sun. With ease, you can find San Diego tee times that are going to work for you.

Host Your Wedding on the Links

Getting married is one of the most exciting days in a person’s life, and the planning is nothing less than perfection. The last thing you want is something out of order that causes your wedding day to be a bogey. One of the main elements to any wedding is the venue. Whether you’re deciding on a local venue or a destination wedding, it should be elegant, luxurious, inviting, friendly and available right when you need it to be. Like vacation planning, finding a location that can be accessed year round helps alleviate the hassle of being limited to the months you can have a ceremony. San Diego remains the perfect location that is ready to celebrate year round.

Riverwalk Golf Club - San Diego Weddings

Take a moment to check out the San Diego golf course finder to see what it has to offer you as a visitor or a local. Book the golf tee times San Diego residents are playing on a daily basis.

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