Riverwalk Golf Club Launches “Pace of Play”

In an effort to improve the overall Riverwalk golfing experience, we've introduced Pace of Play Pledges for both golfers and Riverwalk staff.

We will work diligently to enforce the various pledges and educate new and existing members about Pace of Play in an effort to reinforce an excellent golf experience for all.
Golfer Pledges

As Riverwalk golfers, we want you to feel empowered to take part in creating a consistently enjoyable golf experience, and enforce Pace of Play pledges politely while on the course. The various Riverwalk Golfer pledges are as follows:

  • Play ready golf: This pledge is important, as it'll help everyone flow through the course smoothly. This means hitting when you're ready, and putting-out on greens. This also means no “Honors System.”
  • Allow others to play through: When a smaller group is coming up behind you—or if a group is simply faster, allow them to play through. Keeping pace with the group ahead of you will also help ensure larger groups are able to enjoy their time without creating a traffic jam for others
  • Play appropriate tees based on ability, or play it forward: Not every hole is going to be right for every golfer. Golfers may want to tweak their experience based upon their level of ability—for example, skipping holes that may be too easy or difficult. Golfers may also “TEE IT FORWARD”by choosing the best tee box, improving on the pace of play, and creating a more enjoyable round.
  • Educate playing partners on pace of play: We encourage you, as Riverwalk golfers, to educate those playing with you about the Pace of Play pledges.
  • Think ahead: Being prepared for your next shot is essential in keeping up with the pace of play. Be prepared before your next shot, have your club in hand, and be ready to swing!

 Riverwalk Course Pledges

We're dedicated to doing all that we can to ensure the pace of play runs smoothly for everyone. In doing so, we've created a few pledges of our own:

  • Encourage education and awareness on “Play ready golf”: We pledge to dedicate ourselves to improving the experience for Riverwalk golfers, raising awareness about Pace of Play, and educating new and existing golfers and staff members about Pace of Play.
  • Correct course markings: We pledge to ensure that course markings are accurate throughout the course, including markings for lateral hazards, drop zones, and grounds under repair.
  • Educate Staff: From staff ambassadors to beverage cart attendants, all employees are now being trained to act as the eyes and ears of the course. They will participate in upholding the pace of play by acting as golf course monitors.
  • Gimme Grill: Introducing the new Gimme Grill at the turn will help encourage faster food service for all.
  • Add GPS to golf carts: We want everyone to have the best experience possible—and that means equipping our golf carts with GPS navigation systems. With a gorgeous birds-eye view of the entire course, you’ll never get lost looking for a hole again!

Would you like to experience the new pace of play at Riverwalk? We’d be happy to schedule a tee time with you online!
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Top 10 Riverwalk Christmas Gifts for the Family Golf Champion

As the holiday season approaches, our schedules tend to get bogged down as we try to balance work, last-minute Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and scheduling family trips and visits.

Not to fret—your friends at Riverwalk are making holiday shopping super simple this year by allowing you to purchase amazing gifts directly through our online pro shop. (And, really, what’s better than being productive in your pajamas?) 

To give you a taste of all the goodies available through our online store—including our most popular golf items—we've come up with a list of the top 10 Riverwalk Christmas gifts:

  1. If it's stocking stuffers you seek, look no further than our splendid little Riverwalk golf balls.  
  2. If you want to wow your special golf fan, consider getting him or her a brand new golf bag. Whether it's TaylorMade, Titleist, or Ping you seek, our pro shop has you covered!
  3. Nothing says Happy Holidays better than the gift of philanthropy—that's why we're offering donation packages to support local high schools. Choose how much you want to donate, then make the contribution in the name of your special someone.
  4. Although San Diego generally assumes perfect golf weather year-round, it does get a bit chilly this time of year. Help your loved ones bundle up on the course with a brand new golf jacket. We have a variety of colors to choose from in styles for both men and women.
  5. Trying to think of a great gift for a golf enthusiast that seems to have everything? Consider purchasing a resident's card—this gives its holder special rates year round, as well as insider deals and promotions. For just $29 your “baller” can feel special on any budget.
  6. When's the last time you went shoe shopping? We offer professional golf shoes with or without spikes in popular brands, such as Adicross and FootJoy.
  7. Give the golf lesson mother load this year with a Flex Holiday Basket, filled with a hat, a sleeve of balls, a full month of unlimited Flex Program lessons, and an optional round of golf for two!
  8. Have a loved one who just loves golfing specifically at Riverwalk? We’ve got a variety of gift options available, including golf packages for breakfast and a round, lunch for two and a round, or tickets for our Last Wednesday events. Whatever your budget, we’ve got a wide variety of gift options for you to select from.
  9. Not sure what your golfer needs? Not to fret, we offer a variety of gift certificates that can be used in the pro shop, restaurant, or on the course. You can set your own amount or choose from certificates ranging from $25-1,000.
  10. Are you familiar with the perks involved with becoming a Riverwalk Golf Club member? We offer a ton of different scales, and each membership comes with a variety of free perks. Check out our memberships today, and let your special someone know how much they mean to you.

We have a variety of gift giving options available at our store. Shop online, or come on over!

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