Enhance Your Golf Game With These Great Tips

Although seemingly simple to onlookers, golf is actually quite complicated. There are some basics that must be learned relatively quickly. However, to really master the finer points of golfing, one ought spend a substantial amount of time - sometimes years - developing key points to effectively enhance their golf game.  With issues such as analyzing a golf course before starting to play, to finding the right clubs to use, there are several factors that are necessary. Below are some tips that may help improve your game, and bring new enjoyment to the sport. 

Proper Exercise and Attitude

Having a mixture of the right attitude and the right exercise plan can help enhance your golf game.

Balance, flexibility and core: One way to enhance your game is by making improvements to your flexibility.  This is needed more so in those who are short and stocky as opposed to those who are tall and lanky.  Those who tall and lanky need to focus more on their core, with the intent of getting your X-factor pattern solid.  Meaning the coordination of your left shoulder with your right hip (for those who are right handed) or the right shoulder with your left hip (for those who are left-handed.) In other words, the shoulder and hip must work in unison.

To use the club with the right degree of force, obtaining the maximum torque through stabilization is important, as is having a strong core.

Targeted Training: Because of the various ways that the body must move when playing golf, exercise regiments must be developed to strengthen the range of motion used while golfing. Including side to side motions, known as the frontal plane, the forward and backward motion, known as the saginal plane and the rotational motion, referred to as the transverse plane.

Working unilateral movements into your exercise regimen is also helpful. Focus on your weak points by exercising one arm or leg at a time.  This reduces the chances of subconsciously relying on the stronger of the two sides.

Basically, exercises that target areas that will be used the most while playing golf is of great importance.  This includes warm up exercises as well. The key is to get stronger by strengthening those areas and focusing on getting your body into shape to accommodate the movements needed for golfing.

Having the right attitude: Although the game of golf seems like a very easy game to play, it requires the right attitude while on the course, along with a great level of mental discipline. A calm and relaxed mind allows you to enhance your golf game, as a high degree of precision and concentration is required.


Putting: Putting accounts for roughly 1/3 of a golfer’s score, yet few golfers spend time practicing their putting. Something as simple as lining up 10 balls near the hole and putting the closest one to the hole until all of the balls are putted, can drastically improve a golfer’s putting.

Iron Tip Selection: Selecting the proper iron based on how far a golfer can hit can also enhance your golf game.

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