Golf's Rising Young Star Eclipses Veterans at U.S. Open

On Sunday, June 21st at Chambers Bay golf course, on the eastern shores of Puget Sound in Washington State, Jordan Spieth claimed victory over many of the best golfers in the world, making this the second major championship he has won in the present calendar year. This is only the 16th time any PGA player has won both titles, and only the 6th time any player has secured them both in the same year. Since Spieth is a mere 21 years old, it seems likely that his future in the world of competitive golf is extraordinarily bright, and that before he's finished, he will own a great many more championships. 

This victory, however, was nothing like the comparative walk in the park that the Masters Tournament victory was for him earlier this year in April. At that tournament, Spieth cruised to a 4-shot win over Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose, but this U.S. Open was a nail-biter every step of the way on those last 18 holes. In the end, Spieth won the tournament by a single shot over South African Louis Oosthuizen and American Dustin Johnson, although over the last three dramatic finishing holes, any of the three players could have won the tournament.

Johnson began the day in the lead, but faltered with bogeys on holes 10, 11, and 13 before surging back with a birdie on 17. Spieth, playing in the group ahead of him, had just double-bogeyed the 17th to bring Johnson back into contention. Oosthuizen had already finished, carding his third straight torrid round at Chambers Bay, after an opening round 77 that ultimately proved to be his downfall.

Spieth had a chance for an eagle on the 18th, but missed the putt and settled for a birdie which put him back in the lead, after which he watched Johnson play the 18th from the media trailer. Johnson played two terrific shots to give himself an excellent chance for eagle, landing just 12 feet from the cup on the 18th green. After missing the eagle putt, he still had a 4-footer for birdie that would have tied Spieth for the lead and forced a playoff round on Monday. But inexplicably, he missed that short putt, giving the championship to Spieth outright, and in doing so, capping off one of the great finishes to a U.S. Open tournament.

Golf in the Western U.S.

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Improve Your Golf Game with Mindfulness

In addition to learning the complex physical techniques that are needed to succeed at golf, surprisingly, a simple technique such as learning how to quiet the mind can significantly enhance your golf game as well. Below are some tips that can help you improve you performance while playing a game of golf.

Proper Attitude and Mindset

Having a mixture of the right attitude and the right state of mind can help enhance your golf game if implemented properly.


One way to enhance your game is by making sure that you are confident when you approach the golf course, then maintain it through out the duration of the game.

Having the right Attitude

Having the right attitude while on the course, requires a great level of mental discipline. Being calm and relaxed allows you to enhance your golf game, as a high degree of precision and concentration is required.  However, if you approach the golf course and all sorts of thoughts start racing through your mind, it can result in mental clutter and anxiety that could stay with you throughout the remainder of the game.

Balancing the Mental (Quietness of the Mind) With Physical Technique 

Since golf is about motion, which has to do with your physical muscles, its important to understand that the operating system of the muscles are located in the mind. Therefore it's that "something" that must happen in the mind to allow the body to be free enough to exhibit good physical techniques. As a mind quiets down, the physical motions that take place then become somewhat effortless. 

One of the major problems that golfers face is that it's very difficult to get their minds in a relaxed state long enough to carry them through the entire game.  So the challenge becomes finding ways to get your mind to stay in the quiet zone for as long as possible - at least long enough to carry you through the entire game.

Golfers who learn the technique of quieting their minds can tap into a space that is normally experienced by chance from golfers who frequently perform at their best. These periods of quiet time and calmness come and go. However, if this technique is is learned and mastered, it can be implemented into the game whenever it's needed.  In fact some of the top golfing instructors have noticed a pattern in their students when playing at their best as a result of these techniques. They have observed a fluidness in their swing, which allows them to strike the ball solidly. What most of them have in common, is their ability to control their minds and remain relaxed to enhance their overall golf game.

Implementing Relaxation Techniques

So how does a golfer improve their golf game by Implementing a  technique that allows them to quiet their mind?  And, how does a golfer bridge the mental state of quietness to their physical performance? A great deal of it has to do with clearing their mind and maintaining a calm state before the game, which allows them to easily access what they've learned, all in a way that the physical techniques simply flows to them.  

When the mind is quietness and relaxed, golfers can begin to link their mental state to their physical performance and golfers can play their game almost effortlessly. 


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