5 Creative Ideas for your Holiday Party This Year

While the holidays are all about tradition, there is nothing wrong with sprucing up your celebration with a unique party theme to keep things interesting.  Whether you are looking to have an intimate gathering for family and friends or a large corporate event, these creative party ideas will have everyone rushing to RSVP for your next event at our premier San Diego Golf Club:

Tropical Christmas

Fun in the sun never seems to get old, and a tropical-themed Christmas party is both unique and fun for all ages!  Santa relaxing with his sunglasses resting above his white beard is always a refreshing sight. The room can be decorated with such things as starfish ornaments, seashell wreaths and snowmen ironically ready for the beach.  Serve some tropical cocktails with mini umbrellas and island-inspired dishes to complete the mood.  For even more fun, ask your guests to dress the part as well!

Winter Wonderland

This party theme is particularly effective if you live in a place where it doesn't snow, such as Southern California.  The winter wonderland theme is elegant, traditional, and stunning.  Use white furniture with icy blue accents and metallic decor.  Food items could have edible blue accents, gold balls and silver glitter sprinkles on them for a fun, frosted effect.

Retro Christmas

The more modern we become, the more we seem to value the simpler times.  In today's high-tech society, anything that can be considered vintage is very popular!  Having a retro-themed holiday party will be a big hit with your guests.  Find unique, vintage holiday decorations in local thrift stores.  Use retro serving wear and felt, glitter and construction paper accents throughout your space.  Serve only classic hors d’oeuvres - Oysters Florentine, anyone? - and beverages in glass bottles with paper straws.  Be sure to gather your guests together to sing traditional Christmas carols!

Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are looking to truly break free from tradition with your holiday celebration, nothing says non-mainstream like a Tim Burton party.  Model your party around the classic movie, Nightmare Before Christmas, with more of a whimsical meets dark gothic feel.  Bring out the candelabras and dark, shimmery decor as you celebrate the holidays.  Play some offbeat holiday music as you party in the most unexpected of ways.

Santa's Workshop

Whether your holiday celebration will be.

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