Five Ways to Give the Gift of Golf this Year from Riverwalk

If you have a golfer or a loved one who aspires to learn the game in your life, giving the gift of golf can be a wonderful idea.  While it may be tempting to head over to the nearest big box store and grab some of those bargain golf gifts, this could be a mistake.  Many of those items are of inferior quality and often don't get used as you would hope.  Here are five ideas from your San Diego golf authority at Riverwalk to ensure that you create a memorable holiday gift for your loved one.

Riverwalk Golf Apparel

The Pro Shop at Riverwalk is stocked with some pretty amazing choices in golf apparel that are both high-quality and very sharp.  There are golf jackets to protect your golfer during those cool windy days and logo hats to keep the sun out of their eyes.  And don't forget the golf shoes!  Golfers always need quality footwear, and you'll find brands like FootJoy and Adidas Golf here.

Riverwalk Customized Golf Items

Golfers enjoy letting each other know the name of their local club, in a subtle way.  The Pro Shop at Riverwalk makes this simple with such items as customized golf towels, putter heads, and even logo balls.  If it's time for a new golf bag, you can find some great deals on these as well.

Riverwalk Membership

If your loved one isn't a member of Riverwalk yet, this is a fantastic holiday gift idea.  There are several choices in membership packages available, from monthly Gold, Platinum, and Diamond memberships on both the Single and Family level.  Membership levels provide varying degrees of access to the course as well as Riverwalk's Golf Performance Center for game improvement.


Posted by admin at Dec 16, 2015 Category: Golf