My 4 New Year's Life Resolutions - as Learned from Golf

At the beginning of this new year, and new golf season, it seems appropriate to reflect on the life lessons I've learned from golfespecially since so many of us consider the two to be one and the same. But knowledge by itself is of little value, and can only be truly useful when applied practically to life situations. With that in mind, the following gems gleaned from the golf course are offered for your enlightenment, entertainment, and application to that segment of life beginning at the 19th hole. 

Less 'foot wedge' usage

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the term 'foot wedge' have probably not taken advantage of private moments on the golf course to discreetly improve your ball's lie. For instance, when the ball comes to rest squarely behind the broad trunk of a pine tree, accidental contact with your shoe has the potential of considerably enhancing the ball's position, not to mention saving a penalty stroke.

I hereby resolve to reduce foot wedge usage, and to extricate myself legally and honestly from hazards resulting from my own errant shots. I would prefer to stipulate the word 'eliminate' rather than 'reduce' in this resolution, but I'm recalling some of those scary out-of-bounds markers so prevalent on San Diego golf courses.

Hit more straight drives

If golf has taught me one primal lesson, it's that hitting straight drives is essential for navigating the golf course successfully. All manner of frightening pitfalls await just off the fairway on either side, distractions that can balloon my score up, and drag me down into mediocrity or worse. 

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