5 Exciting Trends for your Spring 2016 Wedding

For several years, the big thing with wedding couples was trying to create their own personal version of a Royal Wedding, to whatever extent their budgets could accommodate lavishness and elegance. Beginning a year ago or so, and continuing on into this year, that desire to imitate someone else's wedding is being replaced by a movement in just the opposite direction - an effort to personalize the event to the nature of the wedding couple themselves.

One big way to do that is by adding touches in your San Diego Wedding which are reminiscent of places you've been to, things you've done, and experiences you've shared with your partner. Besides adding such personal touches in the wedding, here are some other exciting trends for Spring 2016 nuptials. 

Your Kind of Music 

Couples in 2016 are ignoring the DJ and sound system for any kind of live entertainment which is an expression of their own tastes - perhaps a country music band, a cabaret singer, or even a high-powered garage band to show off personal tastes in music. The sounds of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are being replaced by retro sounds of the past, as more young couples are exposed to the classic sounds of romance and love.

Seating Intimacy 

The age-old setup of round tables throughout the hall has given way to a more intimate setting, one with long tables where many guests can easily exchange pleasantries at the event. The hall or ballroom where your San Diego Wedding is hosted can easily be configured to include all long tables, or a mix of long tables with some square or circular tables intermingled. Comfort and intimacy at the lounge area by the bar is also a must-have setup for that after-dinner break in the proceedings.

Floral Freshness 

The floral arrangements for this year's San Diego Weddings will frequently include a mix of those flowers in season, perhaps the lovely pastel of peonies, classic roses, the sweet-smelling lilac, and centerpiece succulents. Bouquets will be more free-form, with an un-scripted look that blends all kinds of different flowers in an overall arrangement that demands attention. Centerpieces are frequently being composed of non-floral plants like coffee plants and beans, and fragrant herbs.

Inviting Invitations 

Invitations used to be pretty much under-stated and formal, but the newest trend in.

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