Highlights from the PGA Tour

The 80th annual Masters Professional Golf Tournament was recently concluded at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, with results that were historical, and at times shocking and amazing, depending on your point of view. Pre-tournament favorites included many of the sport's young lions, like Bubba Watson, Jason Day, Ricky Fowler, and of course last year's Masters champion, Jordan Spieth.

The course was made unusually difficult by fairly strong winds which prevailed through the first three days of play and ballooned scoring for most players, but at the end of each of those first three days, the leader was again Jordan Spieth. Since Spieth also led last year's Masters tournament after each round, including the final one, this made a total of seven consecutive rounds at the Masters where Spieth was the standalone leader – a feat which has never been accomplished before in Masters history.

Unfortunately for Mr. Spieth, he was not the leader after the final round of the 2016 Masters, giving way to Englishman Danny Willett. The shocking part of this conclusion was that early on in the final round, Spieth actually had a lead of five strokes over his nearest competitor, but all that went up in flames on the disastrous 12th hole, where he made a quadruple-bogey seven.

By hitting his ball into Rae's Creek twice, he not only surrendered the lead, but at the time dropped down into fourth place. Spieth did rally over the remaining holes of the round to finish in a tie for second place, but his shocking collapse at Augusta National in 2016 will be remembered and discussed for many years to come.

Golf's enduring appeal 

While the professionals who ply their trade at the great tournaments of golf can be said to play a slightly different game than the rest of us amateurs, the appeal of golf is something that never diminishes with age, and continues to cast its spell over almost every sportsman who even attempts to play.

It's hard to imagine a more enjoyable block of time than spending several hours in a beautiful natural setting, with friends whose company you enjoy, competing against the golf course, your friends, and even yourself, as you struggle to concentrate on making good swings, and avoiding treacherous hazards.

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