Get Married At Riverwalk in 2018 – And Save!

For a limited time, we’re giving our early bird brides in 2018 a wedding present – 50 percent off your ceremony fee!

This offer applies to weddings booked in January, February or March with the mention of this post. We’ve had a highly successful 2017 and are ready to welcome new couples for 2018! Our 2017 successes include being named one of the top wedding venues by Wedding Wire! 

We pride ourselves on providing an exclusive and intimate wedding experience in the heart of downtown San Diego, where our location is a mix of seclusion and accessibility with convenient access to the Interstate and the airport.

We cater largely to local couples, but we are equally happy to share the San Diego experience with destination wedding couples as well. And those in the military can take advantage of a dual savings with us. We offer a military discount as well.

If you’re getting married in 2018, please come take a tour and sample our delicious catering, please click the button below and fill out the form on our wedding page.

We’re ready to put the special in your special day in 2018!

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Video: A Wedding Day At Riverwalk Beautifully Captured
Have you ever thought about getting married at a golf course? Check out this beautiful video of Jamie and Vanessa's wedding day by Focused Bliss Productions and let us know if Riverwalk might be right for you on your special day.
You can learn more about weddings at Riverwalk, or book, by contacting Madison at (619) 296-1991 or have us contact you,We love celebrating new beginnings and being the start for many new traditions and special occasions!

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Seven Great Reasons To Get Married At Riverwalk

Have you ever dreamed of getting married on a golf course; outside with beautiful scenery and stunning views? Riverwalk Golf Club can make that dream a reality.

Located in the heart of central San Diego, we offer a secluded venue that’s an oasis for golfers as well as couples on their special day. We’re just minutes from the airport, interstate and several hotels, but the hustle and bustle of a big city seems far away when you’re at Riverwalk. Our property is as romantic and unique as it is convenient and accommodating.

The following is a list of seven great reasons to hold your wedding at Riverwalk.

Now Up On The No. 1 Tee … Your Wedding

Riverwalk offers a choice of two locations for your ceremony, one being the first tee on our Mission Course, which is located adjacent to one of our majestic distressed wood suspension bridges crossing the San Diego River. The second location is the veranda off the patio overlooking the river and No. 9 of our Mission Course.

Besides the cache and ambiance of actually getting married on the course, Riverwalk’s Catering Sales Director Madison Quartiano said couples also often choose the No. 1 tee for their ceremony because it’s able to accommodate a larger attendance of up to 200-225 people (the veranda max. is 150).

“It’s so beautiful with the bridge in the background,” she said. “It also provides a larger space for a larger bridal party where we can spread everyone out a little bit. It also makes for a great first-look and beautiful photos after the ceremony.”

You can also time your ceremony to have it take place against the backdrop of the setting sun.

“The golden hour is a popular time to get married,” Quartiano said.

The stunning waterfall on the 3rd hole of Mission is another popular photo location. The waterfall and colorful floral landscaping bring together couples and the course in a beautiful way, Quartiano said.

Riverwalk is indeed the perfect marriage of golf and weddings, a welcoming home for both birdies and brides.

We Cater To Your Catering Needs

After you get married, everyone wants to eat and celebrate, right? We’ve got you covered with a range of special menus and options to customize as well as accommodate different ethnic preference requests.

Our catering is done in-house, but we do allow outside desserts such as wedding cakes, cupcakes and Candy Buffets, for which we are happy to refer you to a list of preferred vendors. When your wedding cake arrives, the cake cutting is complimentary, by the way.

Quartiano said the seven base menu options cover most requests at Riverwalk, but if there’s anything additionally desired the club will always try to accommodate.

“Our chef is very flexible with our menus,” she said. “We have a list of buffets that can be modified to be plated. And we can also accommodate special requests, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, which is something that we’re seeing more frequently.”

Booking couples also receive a reduced rate on kids’ meals.

There are a host of delicious appetizer options, but Quartiano says she’s become partial to the crab-stuffed quesadilla triangles and the toasted ravioli. You might want to try them for your tasting!

We Offer A Unique And Flexible Space

Simply being a golf course sets Riverwalk apart aesthetically from the many hotels, ballrooms and banquet rooms that host weddings in San Diego, but our spacious clubhouse also plays a role in your special day.

Our banquet room is flexible with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to our beautiful balcony and patio space. Quartiano said an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception is a popular option at Riverwalk.

Besides being a flexible space, Riverwalk is also a blank canvas that can be decorated to personalize and beautify your wedding day in whatever way puts the special in your special day.

“It’s your wedding, not our wedding,” Quartiano said. “We’ll always try to accommodate what the client wants… within reason.”

Free Parking!

Parking is no small matter when it comes to planning a wedding in San Diego, Quartiano said. The cost of it can quickly add up if you’re looking at having your guests valet or use a parking structure as you are with many San Diego venues.

That’s not the case at Riverwalk, where parking is free and plentiful.

Free golf!

For couples who book, the groom gets a free round and the bride, too. Couples rarely play on their wedding day, Quartiano says, but the groomsmen will sometimes get together for an outing in advance.

We Honor Our Military

There are several ways to save on a wedding at Riverwalk, but Quartiano said perhaps the least known is that Riverwalk offers a discount to military couples.

“A lot of people don’t ask upfront, but we want people to know that’s available with us.” she said.

The Start Of A Tradition

Wedding days are all about beautiful new beginnings, but Quartiano said the.

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Guide to Successful Event Planning on the Golf Course

Have you ever wondered how it would be to celebrate an event at a golf course? It does not matter if it is a wedding, charity event, party, golf tournament or rehearsal dinner. 

Reasons to book a golf course

Golf is a popular sport since its invention over five hundred years ago. It has become a favorite sport among many in the recent past. Just take a look at the growing number of golf courses. It does not matter if you are experienced or new player of the game; there are many great reasons to book an event at Riverwalk Golf Club this summer:



Get the chance to go outdoors

The good thing about golf is that you will be outdoors. The only way to truly enjoy summer is being out on a sunny day on a stunning golf course. Amateur players can take a walk or relax on the green meadow as the pros challenge one another.


Golf is not a game that demands a lot of physical energy. However, the players make easy motions and may be required to walk moderate distances as the play. It is an easy and low impact exercises that will not push you too hard.

Ideal for all ages

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Kids get the chance to learn the sport and have fun. It is a safe sport for adults who may not be physically fit.

Access to other amenities

Professional golf courses offer more than a golf course. They have social amenities such as restaurants and a driving range. Golfers can access the amenities without booking a tee.

Golf courses as venue events

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5 Exciting Trends for your Spring 2016 Wedding

For several years, the big thing with wedding couples was trying to create their own personal version of a Royal Wedding, to whatever extent their budgets could accommodate lavishness and elegance. Beginning a year ago or so, and continuing on into this year, that desire to imitate someone else's wedding is being replaced by a movement in just the opposite direction - an effort to personalize the event to the nature of the wedding couple themselves.

One big way to do that is by adding touches in your San Diego Wedding which are reminiscent of places you've been to, things you've done, and experiences you've shared with your partner. Besides adding such personal touches in the wedding, here are some other exciting trends for Spring 2016 nuptials. 

Your Kind of Music 

Couples in 2016 are ignoring the DJ and sound system for any kind of live entertainment which is an expression of their own tastes - perhaps a country music band, a cabaret singer, or even a high-powered garage band to show off personal tastes in music. The sounds of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are being replaced by retro sounds of the past, as more young couples are exposed to the classic sounds of romance and love.

Seating Intimacy 

The age-old setup of round tables throughout the hall has given way to a more intimate setting, one with long tables where many guests can easily exchange pleasantries at the event. The hall or ballroom where your San Diego Wedding is hosted can easily be configured to include all long tables, or a mix of long tables with some square or circular tables intermingled. Comfort and intimacy at the lounge area by the bar is also a must-have setup for that after-dinner break in the proceedings.

Floral Freshness 

The floral arrangements for this year's San Diego Weddings will frequently include a mix of those flowers in season, perhaps the lovely pastel of peonies, classic roses, the sweet-smelling lilac, and centerpiece succulents. Bouquets will be more free-form, with an un-scripted look that blends all kinds of different flowers in an overall arrangement that demands attention. Centerpieces are frequently being composed of non-floral plants like coffee plants and beans, and fragrant herbs.

Inviting Invitations 

Invitations used to be pretty much under-stated and formal, but the newest trend in.

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