Great Golf Course Bracket Challenge: No. 3 is No. 1!
Thanks to everyone who voted in our Great Golf Course Bracket Challenge. After a month of social media voting to determine the favorite hole at Riverwalk, No. 3 on Mission scored a nearly unanimous victory over Presidio No. 2 to emerge as the champion!

The par 4 3rd on Mission is our signature hole for reason. It’s a strategic hole with a double carry over water. Simply avoiding the pond on the right off the tee is the first challenge. A drive of between 220-240 yards positions you perfectly for a wedge into a quasi-island green with a stream in front and gorgeous waterfall with brilliant landscaping on the left.

The green is a smaller target that slopes back to front. You really don’t want a putt back toward the water here. A solid wedge shot left below the hole will usually give you an outstanding look at birdie.

In 2016, No. 3 was included in Southland Golf’s ranking of the best holes in San Diego. It now has another accolade thanks to our golfers and their voting in the Great Golf Course Bracket Challenge!

But don’t just take our golfers’ word for it. Come see for yourself! Come play No. 3 and please share your experience with us! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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How Riverwalk is Using Technology to Improve Your Golf Experience

With the increasing availability of innovative technology, the modern golf experience has moved beyond the basics of club, ball, hole. Wearable devices, GPS analysis, and tech-integrated equipment allow players to improve their game in ways previously unimagined. Golf courses across the country, like San Diego’s Riverwalk Golf Club, have made significant upgrades that highlight modern tech and provide seamless synchronization with wearable devices.

Golf carts equipped with GPS tracking devices are proving to be very popular among players and golf course owners alike. Live, on-board pace of play trackers allow information to be shared with ease. Players can evaluate their data and use the results to refine technique and improve their game. Club owners can analyze data generated by players to determine course traffic patterns, which can help to identify and eliminate bottlenecks; this can, in turn, prevent course wear-and-tear. Additionally, golf course architects can use the information to help design innovative, challenging new courses, unlike anything players have seen before.

Another great addition to our golf carts is the USB port right in the dashboard. Now you can plug in and charge your phone, and don't forget your Jambox! You can use Bluetooth to broadcast your favorite tunes over your Jambox speaker and be your own personal DJ while you play.

New technology is even aiming to alter your eating habits. New smart golf carts come equipped with screens linked into clubhouse menus, allowing players to order food without interrupting their game. And if you are looking for a thrill beyond traditional golf carts, some companies are taking trendy transportation to the next level. A golf cart and hoverboard hybrid, GolfBoard is bridging the gap between walking and riding. These crafty devices can even speed up your game by eliminating the need to walk the course, without being confined to a cart.

Some of the coolest concepts hitting San Diego golf courses Read more...

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Highlights from the PGA Tour

The 80th annual Masters Professional Golf Tournament was recently concluded at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, with results that were historical, and at times shocking and amazing, depending on your point of view. Pre-tournament favorites included many of the sport's young lions, like Bubba Watson, Jason Day, Ricky Fowler, and of course last year's Masters champion, Jordan Spieth.

The course was made unusually difficult by fairly strong winds which prevailed through the first three days of play and ballooned scoring for most players, but at the end of each of those first three days, the leader was again Jordan Spieth. Since Spieth also led last year's Masters tournament after each round, including the final one, this made a total of seven consecutive rounds at the Masters where Spieth was the standalone leader – a feat which has never been accomplished before in Masters history.

Unfortunately for Mr. Spieth, he was not the leader after the final round of the 2016 Masters, giving way to Englishman Danny Willett. The shocking part of this conclusion was that early on in the final round, Spieth actually had a lead of five strokes over his nearest competitor, but all that went up in flames on the disastrous 12th hole, where he made a quadruple-bogey seven.

By hitting his ball into Rae's Creek twice, he not only surrendered the lead, but at the time dropped down into fourth place. Spieth did rally over the remaining holes of the round to finish in a tie for second place, but his shocking collapse at Augusta National in 2016 will be remembered and discussed for many years to come.

Golf's enduring appeal 

While the professionals who ply their trade at the great tournaments of golf can be said to play a slightly different game than the rest of us amateurs, the appeal of golf is something that never diminishes with age, and continues to cast its spell over almost every sportsman who even attempts to play.

It's hard to imagine a more enjoyable block of time than spending several hours in a beautiful natural setting, with friends whose company you enjoy, competing against the golf course, your friends, and even yourself, as you struggle to concentrate on making good swings, and avoiding treacherous hazards.

When in San Diego 

When you happen to be in San Diego on business, vacation, or just driving in from a nearby city, the one golf course you won't want to miss is Riverwalk Golf Course in San Diego, CA. Here the very finest care is taken of the golf course grounds to keep it in pristine playing condition, and the beautiful San Diego weather will make your golf round seem like a five-hour walk through paradise.

Whether you're looking for a new course to play, or perhaps you've played at Riverwalk many times before and simply can't stay away, come to Riverwalk Golf Course and let yourself be seduced all over again by the age-old allure of golf.

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How To Perfect Your Golf Swing

One of the keys to playing a good game of golf is having a proper swing. This is a lot harder than it looks. A lot of people who have never gone golfing seem to think that all they need to do is walk up to the golf tee, swing their club and hit the ball. In fact, a lot of professional golfers seem to make it look this easy, but there is a definite technique to it. The good news is that a basic golf swing will help you whether you are playing on one of the many local golf courses near you or on a more advanced San Diego golf course. Still, you will want to learn how to swing a golf club before you search for golf courses with a golf course finder or make any last minute tee times, and these tips might help you with that.

1. Your Stance

The first step to developing a good swing is to have a proper stance. When you step up to the golf tee, you should have your front foot slightly ahead of the ball. If you're right-handed, your front foot will be your left. If you're left-handed, it will be your right foot. Stand with your feet and shoulders square with each other, bend your knees slightly and make sure that you are standing the proper distance from the ball. You can judge your distance by standing in front of the ball and holding your golf club in front of you while keeping your arms straight. The ball should come to the middle of the club while your arms are extended.

2. Your Backswing

The key to having a proper backswing is to rotate your body as opposed to simply lifting the club with your arms. Your weight should shift from the ball of your front foot to the ball of your back foot. Bend your wrists and elbows as you swing back. Your club should be almost parallel to the ground when it's lifted above your head. Be careful not to swing too fast; it's too easy to mess up your swing and end up with a poor shot if you swing too fast and too hard. Your backswing should be a slow, smooth motion.

3. Following Through

Like your backswing, following through and making contact with the ball should be more about rotating your lower body and shifting your weight. It should also be relatively slow; swinging too slowly won't allow you to get much distance from the golf tee, but swinging too quickly will increase the chances that your swing is too sloppy. As you rotate your lower body, your upper body should be facing the ball and your head should be kept down. 

Having a good golf swing may look simple, but it's actually one of the hardest things for a novice golfer to learn. Keep practicing on local golf courses or driving ranges, and eventually your swing will become second nature. Remember to keep your head down, don't swing too fast or too hard and focus on rotating your lower body.

If you're looking for some convenient tee times, San Diego has some great golf courses that will give you plenty of chances to practice your game. For more information on San Diego tee times at one of the best local golf courses in the area, simply click here to take a look at what's available at Riverwalk Golf Club, and have fun golfing!

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Vacation Destination: San Diego

San Diego is a premier destination for vacations, weddings and overall every day appreciation of the sun. Let’s face it, while the rest of the country experiences the Polar Vortex, San Diegans were enjoying the beach and a round of golf during the winter months. Beyond coming to San Diego for the beautiful weather and the ability to hit a hole-in-one on a December morning, you’ll find many coming to our beautiful city for the major attractions.

Relax with a Day on the Green

For moms and dads coming into the area for some family fun and relaxation, it’s important to make sure you are doing just that. Planning your trip to San Diego? Does it include the “mandatory” trips to Sea World and the Zoo? Does the itinerary include the grilled cheese pit stop for the kids and more kid friendly options that involve other forms of carb and cheese? A family vacation should include the entire family and that includes mom and dad. The best golfing destinations are the ones you can visit whenever a vacation is convenient for you, not the season. Regardless of whether you plan ahead or you decide to go golfing at the last minute, you can always secure last minute tee times without a problem. Many locations allow for booking tee times straight from their websites.

Come When it Fits into Your Schedule

Every person is unique and so is their work schedule. For some, they simply don’t have the time to go on vacation during the warm, summer months. Finally accumulated enough vacation days, but it’s January? Travelling in the winter will save money on your vacation, but there isn’t always a lot to do. San Diego allows for year round outdoor activities, enjoy happy hour and watch the sunset from the clubhouse, play a round of golf, or catch the trolley downtown or to many of San Diego’s attractions.

From the pristine beaches to Sea World, Legoland and more, there is something for everyone. Trying to figure out the best spots but want to know what the locals think? Currently the U-T San Diego’s polls rank Riverwalk one of the top 10 golf courses, golf shops, and places to get married. Check out their other lists to find where San Diegans like to spend their time in the sun. With ease, you can find San Diego tee times that are going to work for you.

Host Your Wedding on the Links

Getting married is one of the most exciting days in a person’s life, and the planning is nothing less than perfection. The last thing you want is something out of order that causes your wedding day to be a bogey. One of the main elements to any wedding is the venue. Whether you’re deciding on a local venue or a destination wedding, it should be elegant, luxurious, inviting, friendly and available right when you need it to be. Like vacation planning, finding a location that can be accessed year round helps alleviate the hassle of being limited to the months you can have a ceremony. San Diego remains the perfect location that is ready to celebrate year round.

Riverwalk Golf Club - San Diego Weddings

Take a moment to check out the San Diego golf course finder to see what it has to offer you as a visitor or a local. Book the golf tee times San Diego residents are playing on a daily basis.

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