Riverwalk is dedicated to ensuring a fun golf environment for all of our guests, no matter their level of play. Ensuring that everyone is aware of The Pace of Play at Riverwalk is just one of the ways we are creating this environment. 

We encourage you to sign the Pace of Play agreement below, and share it with your fellow players so that everyone can enjoy a better Riverwalk experience. 

  • Play ready golf. Hit when ready and putt-out on greens (no "Honors System").
  • Allow faster and smaller groups to play through and always try to keep up with the group in front of you.
  • Play appropriate tees based on ability or play it forward.
  • Educate playing partners on pace of play
  • Think ahead to your next shot, have your club selected and be ready to hit.
  • Play ready golf!

  • Encourage education and awareness regarding "Play ready Golf."
  • Correct course markings including drop zones, lateral hazards, and ground under repair.
  • Educate staff ambassadors and beverage cart attendants to act as eyes and ears of the course to monitor pace of play.
  • Introduce Gimme Grill at the turn to encourage faster food service.
  • Add GPS to the golf carts
  • Play ready golf!
hereby pledge to follow the Pace of Play guidelines set forth above.

Thanks for signing up!
Brendan Cronin, Riverwalk General Manager