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What is The FLEX Golf Instruction Program?

The FLEX Program provides Professional Golf Instruction with the ease of a simple workout membership. The learning formula for golf of FREQUENCY with SUPPORT is the best way to get desired results. We understand that each person only has so much time to practice and everybody learns differently. With the convenience of signing up online for a wide variety of daily classes and monthly packages to choose from, we have made it easy to learn at your own pace. This program allows each person to work on their most pressing needs in a structured setting with Professionals assessing their progress for better results. The FLEX Program is the best value for Professional Golf Instruction in San Diego County, BAR NONE!

Who is The FLEX Golf Instruction Program for?

Whether you are a looking to get started and find out what all the hype is about golf or an avid mid to low handicap golfer looking to tune up your game, The FLEX Program is for you. The FLEX classes are for all levels and cover every discipline of the game. We also offer junior classes in our MEDALIST Program. For more info visit riverwalkgc.com to view our Junior Golf information.

With over 20 different FLEX Classes to choose from, members can work on their most pressing needs. May it be once or over and over, each class is there for all members to attend and improve. From full swing to putting, there is a class for our members enjoy.
After attending your FLEX Enrollment class, members are encouraged to take classes that interest them as well as take attend the core classes from each discipline. Our core classes from each discipline of the game are 60 minutes long with driving range balls provided during your class.
Many FLEX Members like to use the classes as an organized practice sessions with professional eyes on them to help prevent those habits that seem to work back into your game. We also encourage all members to ask the instructor golf related questions that come up in their game. From techniques, rules or equipment, we are here to help.


Golf Instruction Class Topics:

Full Swing
*Swing Path, *Club Face, *Body Turns
Dynamic Balance, Alignment, Proper Practice,  Video Analysis with iPad

*Speed, Break, Alignment, Proper Practice, Video Stroke Analysis with iPad
*Technique, Distance Control,
Video Stroke Analysis with iPad

Speciality Classes
Driver, Fairway Wood/Hybrids,
Bunkers, Golf Etiquette, Pre-Shot Routine

On Course Instruction
3 Hole Play, Boot Camp
* Denotes Core FLEX Classes


FLEX Golf Instruction PROGRAM
All prices reflect monthly fees - Custom Monthly Pricing Available -  All pricing subject to change


FLEX ​Tune Up      $49
Access to 2 Semi-private Sessions Per Month
Easy online sign-up and Monthly Auto-Payment

FLEX ​Friend Plan                 $139
Access to 4 Semi-private Sessions Per Month for Two, receive $19 off signing up as two people.
Riverwalk GREEN Membership
Easy online sign-up and Monthly Auto-Payment

FLEX ​Standard Plan             $79
Access to 4 Semi-private Sessions Per Month
Riverwalk GREEN Membership
Easy online sign-up and Monthly Auto-Payment

One time initation/application fee $50
All Members Receive Private Lessons For Just $40  -  Schedule Lesson with Instructor of your choice. Contact information provided below


How To Sign-up for the Flex Golf Instruction...

Step 1:
Go to riverwalkgc.com and find
The Learning Center on the Instruction page.

Step 2:
Under FLEX Program, Click “Schedule Now” tab. This takes you to Schedulicity.

Step 3:
Find a “FLEX Enrollment” class that fits into your schedule.

Step 4:
Register by creating a Username and Password along with email. Take note: this info is needed to register for each class.

Step 5:
Attend our first FLEX class and start on a path to improving your game. 
More Info on signing up for Golf Instruction:
Upon attending the “FLEX Enrollment“ class, which does not count against the four class allotment for the month, your instructor will go over the entire FLEX Program with you. The instructor will help you assess your game and recommend your following classes. Along with the brief assessment, the instructor will go over the billing process and record your billing information.  If you believe that the program is not for you, there are no commitments to continue through the billing process. Cancelation must be done through email 7 days before the billing period (20th of each month).





Does everyone have to take the FLEX Enrollment class?

The FLEX Enrollment class is an introduction to The FLEX Program. During this session, your instructor will do an evaluation of your swing and your goals to then help recommend your following classes. This is also the time when the instructor relays program details and takes care of the payment process. This class does not count toward your monthly class allotment .If you believe that the program is not for you, there are no commitments to continue through the billing process. Past FLEX Members re-registering do not need to attend.

Is there an initiation fee? What is the membership commitment?

The FLEX Program does have an initiation fee of $50 and is included on the first charge of billing. The instructor will have students fill out a billing contract upon attending the FLEX Enrollment class. The golf shop does not receive payment for The FLEX Program. 

Do you have to take all the classes once a week or in a calendar month?

One of the advantages of The FLEX Program is the FLEXability. The Standard FLEX Plan allows students to take 4 Semi-private sessions per calendar month. All classes are conveniently booked online to give our students the freedom to register for these 4 sessions in what ever secession they’d like. Whether it’s once a week or 4 sessions in one day, it is up to the student to register for their allotted monthly sessions as there is no monthly rollover of unused sessions. 

How does auto payment work?

Upon attending the FLEX Enrollment class, the instructor will go over all of the program details and the billing process. On the 20th of each month students will be automatically billed for that calendar month. To cancel your FLEX Membership, just send and email to the Director of Player Development, Kim Harrington, kharrington@riverwalkgc.com 7 days before the billing period. 

What happens when classes are cancelled?

Although infrequent, classes may be canceled due to a number if reasons including forecasted (75% chance of rain or worse) or current inclement weather, instructor time conflicts and facility event time conflicts (tournaments). If a class is canceled inside of 12 hours, students will be notified via phone call and email. If a cancelation is made outside 12 hours, students will receive just a cancelation email. Students will then need to register for another class to make up for the canceled class.

How many students in each class? 

The PGA of America recognizes that groups of 6 persons or less is considered to be a Semi-private lesson. Thus, most FLEX classes have a 6 person maximum with the exception of Three Hole Play (4 members), Bunkers (4 members) and Boot Camps (3 players) with exceptions to specialty classes or clinics

Professional Teaching Staff


Kimberly Harrington
Director of Player Development
Email directly for private lesson inquiries

Sheldon Kamanu
Sheldon Kamanu
Teaching Professional shel.hawaiian@gmail.com

​Contact directly for private lesson inquires starting at $75 per lesson.
Armondo Luna

Armondo Luna
Teaching Professional

​Contact directly for private lesson inquries starting at $75 per lesson.

Todd Steller
Golf Instructor

Chuck Dodd
P.G.A Certified